Medical Record Management System

The MediSourc-MRMS is fully integrated medical/patient management repository that caters to Medical and clinical records of patients in the hospital. The system supports medical professionals of various departments of the hospital with relevant information like medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results and so on. The module provides access to critical and complete patient data that leads to high quality, cost effective and efficient patient care. The Medisource-MRMS has the following features.

  • Highly Secure Patient Medical record with Data Encryption technology
  • Patient Search with Various Search Strings
  • Patient Demographic Viewing
  • Previous Visit Details
  • Medical History of the Patient
  • Billing Details of Patient

In addition the medical professionals can view investigation requests, prescriptions, reports and other clinical/Medical details. The system provides separate access rights for each part of the system. The patient medical file can be viewed, retrieved and emailed with secured password.

Stay Ahead in Clinical Decision Making: Our Medisource-MRMS is advanced electronic medical record system which enables the healthcare providers to have the complete view of patient’s treatment records, clinical documents, investigation results/output, prescriptions, diagnosis reports in a digital format in highly secured with encryption technology.

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